in identities
Identities in
Annual Conference organized by the Center for Cultural Sociology and the Department of Sociology at Masaryk University

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

18.30 Welcome dinner
CAFÉ MORGAL, Moravské náměstí 1A, Brno


Friday, October 20th 2017

10.00 Katalin Fehér
Issues in Digital Identity
11.00 coffee and tea break
11.20 René Tuma
From communicative constructivism to reflexive methodology. The study of vernacular video analysis
12.20 lunch break
14.00 Florian Stoll
Totemic objects as focal points of ‘middle-class’ milieus in Nairobi, Kenya
15.00 coffee and tea break
15.20 David Inglis
Durkheim Meets Trump, Neo-Nazis and Brexiteers: Sacred and Profane Reflections on the Present Crises
16.20 coffee and tea break
16.40 Radim Marada
Modalities of Boredom


Saturday, October 21st, 2017

10.00 Adnan Džafić
Bosnian identity - destroying the paradigm of multilateralism
11.00 coffee and tea break
11.20 Dana Brablec Sklenar
Santiago Waria Mew : Constructing Ethnic Identity through Associational Participation in Santiago de Chile
12.20 lunch break
14.00 Aspen Brinton
Existencial Recognition: a New Philosophical Grounding for Postmodern Activism
15.00 coffee and tea break
15.20 Daniel Chernilo
Debating Humanity. Towards a Philosophical Sociology
16.20 coffee and tea break