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Identities in
Annual Conference organized by the Center for Cultural Sociology and the Department of Sociology at Masaryk University

Conference program 2014


Thursday, October 16th, 2014

19.00 Welcome dinner
Hostinec u Semináru, Smetanova 30, Brno


Friday, October 17th 2014

10.00 Klára Fiedlerová, Lucie Trlifajová: "Each Carlsbader has his Russian" Pragmatic identites in postsocialist urban context
11.00 coffee and tea break
11.20 Jakub Grygar: Border of Wilderness: State, migration, and cultural heritage at the borders of the EU
12.20 lunch break
14.00 Júlia Vajda: „I am still mad at her, you see, no matter she is dead, the bitch” – or Shoah as a bystander reminisces about it
15.00 coffee and tea break
15.20 Anna Durnová: Politics of intimacy Re-thinking the End-of-life controversy
16.20 coffee and tea break
16.40 Dmitry Kurakin and Werner Binder: Biography and Form of Life: Toward a Cultural Analysis of Narrative Interviews


Saturday, October 18th, 2014

10.00 Agata Zysiak and Wiktor Marez: Intersection of Identities and Desire for Fulness. Struggle over Modern Identity in 19th century Industrial City.
11.00 coffee and tea break
11.20 Gergely Kunt : Social imaginaries in adolescent diaries during and after the World War II in Hungary
12.20 lunch break
14.00 Yifat Gutman: Memory activism and reconciliation discourses in Israel, Poland and the Sudetenlands
15.00 coffee and tea break
15.20 Robert Seyfert:: "Staring into oblivion": Identity Crisis of Socio-Technical Assemblages