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Identities in
Annual Conference organized by the Center for Cultural Sociology and the Department of Sociology at Masaryk University

Program 2013

Thursday, October 17th, 2013

18.00 Welcome dinner
Avia - Café Restaurant, Botanická 1, Brno 


Friday, October 18th 2013

10.00 Peggy Levitt: Constructing Identities: the Nationa, the Museum, the World
11.00 coffee and tea break
11.20 Jesse Dizard: "Indigenous In the 21st Century: California Indians, Environmental Justice and the Politics of Place"
12.20 lunch break
14.00 Zuzana Kepplová: "How subcultural identities helped formatting 'creative' neoliberal subjects – a study of the rise and fall of club cultures in Bratislava"
15.00 coffee and tea break
15.20 Jerry Lembcke: "After Vietnam: The `Betrayal Narrative' in American Political Culture."
16.20 coffee and tea break
16.40 James W. Russell : "Recovering History: The Tulsa Sit-ins."


Saturday, October 19th, 2013

10.00 Alessia Ricciardi: "Pasolini's Salo after Abu Ghraib: Reflecting on the film with Agamben and Foucault"
11.00 coffee and tea break
11.20 Júlia Vajda & Gergely Kunt : "Between memory and buisness"
12.20 coffee and tea break
12.40 Radim Marada: „Kill your Conservative Progressivism“